• Breaking Waves

    Breaking Waves

    The view west along Quansoo Beach, Chilmark, MA, 2014

  • Last Light

    Last Light

    The soft glow of the sunset's last light at Lucy Vincent Beach, Chilmark, MA 2013

  • Moonrise at the Panhandle

    Moonrise at the Panhandle

    January moonrise along Panhandle Road in West Tisbury, MA, 2015

  • Snow Blind

    Snow Blind

    Snow covered trail in winter light at Priester's Pond, West Tisbury, MA, 2015

  • Flyover


    Ghostly fair weather clouds over Tea Lane Farm, Chilmark, MA, 2014

  • Golden Hour

    Golden Hour

    Vineyard Meadow glows as the sun sets in Vineyard Haven, MA 2013

  • Distant View

    Distant View

    The view across Vineyard Sound from the north shore, West Tisbury, MA, 2014

  • Twilight Ice

    Twilight Ice

    Frozen and ice covered Duarte's Pond reflectes twilight in West Tisbury, MA, 2014

  • Winter in Blue and White

    Winter in Blue and White

    Tea Lane Farm in brilliant winter sunshine after a snow storm. Chilmark, MA, 2015

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  • Iced In

    Iced In

    Clammers boast frozen in place at sunset in Tiah's Cove, West Tisbury, MA, 2014

  • Quansoo Glow

    Quansoo Glow

    Beach grass along Quansoo Beach glows under pale blue winter skies in Chilmark, MA, 2015

  • New Year's Day

    New Year's Day

    Brisk and bright, New Year's Day is welcomed at Tashmoo Farm in Vineyard Haven, MA, 2015

  • Dragonfly Perch

    Dragonfly Perch

    A dragofly alites on pond grass along the shoreline of Duarte's Pond in West Tisbury, MA 2010.

  • Sailboats at Sunset

    Sailboats at Sunset

    The last light of day illuminates sailboats and their masts in the harbor, Vineyard Haven, MA, 2009

  • Until Tomorrow

    Until Tomorrow

    A solitary dinghy glows in sunset light in Chilmark Pond, Chilmark, MA, 2014

2015 Field Gallery Show-Martha's Vineyard