• Afternoon Walk

    Afternoon Walk

    Fair weather clouds accomapny walkers at Nat's Farm in West tisbury, 2009

  • Autumn Abstract

    Autumn Abstract

    Fallen leaves in Priester's Pond gather in abstract patterns, 2013

  • Botton Up

    Botton Up

    An unturned dinghy along Lagoon Pond shoreline, 2009

  • Autumn Sunset II

    Autumn Sunset II

    Intense colors and long shadows are produced by a late September sunset at Nat's Farm, 2013

  • Morning At The Dock

    Morning At The Dock

    Early monring light filters through trees at Lake Tashmoo, 2013

  • Cliff Trail

    Cliff Trail

    A cliff-top trail in Aquinnah invites a lone winter hiker, 2013

  • Gay Head Sunset

    Gay Head Sunset

    Slowly fading sunset light along the surf and Gay Head cliffs in Aquinnah, 2013

  • Iced In

    Iced In

    The long, cold winter's grip on Quansoo, 2014

  • Island Sphinx

    Island Sphinx

    Nature's gift to the imagination at Lucy Vincent Beach, 2013

  • Starboard to Starboard

    Starboard to Starboard

    Sailboats bathed in golden light pass each other in Nantucket Sound, 2013

  • Sunset Light

    Sunset Light

    Sunset light meets sand and waves at Long Beach in Aquinnah, 2013

  • Wildflowers


    The soft, wind blown color of wildflowers at Duarte's Pond, 2013

  • Wind Chill 2

    Wind Chill 2

    A sudden drop in temperature and a snow squall envelope Tea Lane Farm in Chilmark, 2014

  • Winter Sunset

    Winter Sunset

    The plaines and ocean sky reflect a winter sunset at Sepiessa Point in West Tisbury, 2014

2014 Field Gallery Show-Martha's Vineyard